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Do you long for a worry-free life?

Do you struggle with...


  • Wondering what happened to your peace of mind between your vow to be the best mom ever and all the dirty diapers, preschool playdates, homework projects and teen drama?  

  • Secretly wish you could move to a magic country that has no standardized testing, no college entrance exams and no tantrums in public?

  • You are not alone!  Moms Without Worry helps you be a fantastic mom who embraces the messy hilarity of parenting and raise kids who thrive.

Have you ever...


  • Gone online about a parenting problem and been confused by all of the contradictory advice and opinions?

  • Worried if your style of parenting is somehow bad for your kid?   

  • Dr Karen Cassiday has over 30 years of experience helping moms like you identify the scientific parenting strategies that make sense for you and your kid. 

  • Dr Cassiday's goal is to help you to confidently enjoy the journey of parenting while you raise kids who become adults you admire.  

Meet Dr Karen Cassiday

Listen to Dr. Karen Cassiday talk about becoming a Master Mom.


Master Moms: Become a Ninja of Parenting!

mom jumping for joy in the sunset

Moms Without Worry offers multiple ways to help you become a Master Mom:

Join our Facebook group, Moms Without Worry Community, to get free weekly videos about hot topics that help you push back against the pressure to be perfect and raise kids who are perfect.  Get the support of other like-minded moms who want to raise kids who thrive while getting rid of the fuss and doubling the fun!


Free Workshops led by Dr Karen Cassiday focus on specific topics that help you gain new perspective and learn specific skills that address a focused issue in parenting. 

Master Moms online videoconference groups meet with Dr Karen Cassiday. Groups provide in-depth learning and skill building.  Groups focus on the challenges of parenting from infancy to emerging adulthood.  Groups are divided into mothers of infant through elementary age and mothers of tweens and older.  

* How to cultivate happiness in your family's life regardless of circumstance

* Hot tips sheets and worksheets that help you power up your mom skills

* A private Master Moms Facebook group offering 24/7 online support and feedback from Dr Karen Cassiday

* Exclusive access to Dr Cassiday's Master Moms videos that give you the science and practical advice that helps you become a true Master Mom

You get to learn what the experts know about building joy, peace of mind and a family that is truly mentally well, all for an affordable price that is much less than what most moms spend monthly on coffee and "retail therapy." *   How great is that?

* $141 estimated monthly amount spent specifically on "retail therapy" (Sam Paul, Dec 6, 2017, and $208/month estimated average of 3 grande latte's per week (Cliff&Pebble, Oct 18, 2016).



Moms Without Worry Free Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Moms Without Worry Workshops are your opportunity to meet Dr. Karen Cassiday in person and to learn her hot tips for becoming a Master Mom who embraces imperfection, fun and raises her children based on who they are and not on who others wish they were.

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Moms Without Worry Workshops located at:

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Dr. Karen Cassiday

I came from a family of three girls who loved school, got along with their friends and won lots of awards.  We made parenting pretty easy for my parents.  Since I loved school, I assumed my kids would love school too.  I believed that my doctorate in clinical psychology would make it simpler to manage parenting dilemmas.  I was a bit of a perfectionist and I believed that my perfectionism gave me the advantage in parenting.  

Here's what really happened.  I gave birth to two amazing boys, one of whom is disabled.  My sons are not particularly fond of school and have won no awards except their mother's love.  Parent teacher conferences about my non-disabled son result in comments such as, "When your son speaks up, it's always a surprise!"  I also became stepmom to three more kids, a son and daughter who need no specialists and act exactly like the child rearing books suggest they should. Their older sister is quadraplegic and non-verbal.  I discovered, one parenting failure after another, that my perfectionism was a parenting disability. Did I mention that I was stressed, worried and a hot mess of a mother with anxiety attacks?

I ended up spending a lot of time in doctor's waiting rooms and teacher's conferences noticing all the disheveled, depressed and worried moms.   I promised myself that I would do whatever it takes to live my life the way I had always intended, with joy, purpose and laughing my way through the absurdity of it all.  I dedicated my life to applying the science of overcoming anxiety and living well.  I , and the brave mothers I have worked with, are the living proof that  you can  love, laugh and truly thrive in the middle of any circumstance .  You just need the  right tools, the right parenting skills and the right support.  Moms Without Worry is my gift to every mom who wants to get off the hamster wheel of stress and be the mom who lives with joy and unshakable self-confiden



Mom of Six Children


Karen has been one of the most encouraging and affirming voices speaking into my life in times of crisis and the attending doubt in myself as a mom, especially in the teen and post-teen years. She is so knowledgeable but also so personal. I always feel like she gets me, she gets my kids, she understands our situation


Sandra - Mom of Two

-A great, easy program to be happier, healthier moms, partners, and women

-Lots of support and individual advice

-Ways to turn struggles into opportunities

-Homework so we could practice what we learned and a grateful attitude!

Junie- Mom, Author and Relationship Coach

I was very impressed with Karen's skill. She recently helped me with a very challenging situation and more importantly, she brought such heart to the session. I totally recommend Karen!  


Mom of a Middle Schooler

Dr. Cassiday is a brilliant clinician, who was a lifesaver for us .She knows exactly how to help parents know what to say and how to react to their children - which gave us structure and hope when it seemed like we were in a never-ending cycle of worry and stress


Margot-Mom, Yoga Instructor and Therapist

This is a wonderful program to help you worry less and enjoy more (with love and laughter) as a parent!